Hartford Product Liability Defense Lawyers

Founded in 1969, the Connecticut law firm of Szilagyi & Daly defends an extraordinarily diverse clientele in industrial, commercial and consumer product liability claims. Our experience includes the defense of many manufacturers of industrial equipment, both large and small. In addition, our Hartford product liability defense attorneys have represented manufacturers of recreational equipment and children's products.

Our clients also include manufacturers of a wide array of household products, including clothes dryers, propane tanks, gas grills, chairs, exhaust fans and a wide array of other items. Many of these claims have involved fire litigation. We also represent suppliers of food products in claims related to food-borne pathogens.

At Szilagyi & Daly, we do a significant amount of local counsel work, serving as a liaison between the Connecticut courts and national law firms.

Tailored Legal Strategies For Your Situation

The potential for liability based upon an allegedly defective product requires particular sensitivity to the needs of the client both internally and in the marketplace, in addition to an aggressive defense. In that regard, we regularly interact with our clients, corporate lawyers, insurers and claims administrators.

We recognize that what happens in one case often has implications for others. Our work in the product liability area goes well beyond the defense of litigated matters. We regularly counsel clients not only with respect to ongoing litigation, but also regarding recalls, product warnings, governmental compliance and the potential for future litigation and risk management.

Our extensive experience in defense work allows us to tailor our strategy to suit the client's unique needs. By understanding the concerns of our clients, we can more appropriately protect them from all areas of adverse exposure.

Get The Legal Help You Need

We also take pride in providing quality representation at reasonable fees. We work hard to handle each case with professionalism, integrity and respect for our clients and those involved in the litigation process. To schedule a free initial consultation about an exercise equipment defect claim or any other product liability matter, please call Szilagyi & Daly at 860-541-5502, or contact our firm online.