Strong Advocacy In Fire Litigation

At the Connecticut law firm of Szilagyi & Daly, we have significant experience defending insurance companies and other clients in claims related to fire damage. Whether the claim involves multimillion-dollar property damage, personal injury or wrongful death, our Hartford fire claims attorneys are skilled at conducting meticulous investigations and presenting a strong defense.

Our detailed knowledge of this area of law allows us to guide and represent clients in all stages of fire litigation, including:

  • Retaining fire damage experts
  • Identifying the cause, origin and spread of the fire
  • Uncovering potential third-party claims or subrogation potential
  • Examining and challenging opposing experts in depositions or trial
  • Opposing or pursuing spoliation sanctions for evidence destruction
  • Analyzing whether expert testimony is admissible under a Daubert/Porter challenge

What Type Of Liability Is At Issue In Your Case?

Our law firm is a trusted resource for clients facing a broad spectrum of fire litigation cases. Our experience includes:

  • Resolving product liability claims involving fires allegedly started by clothes dryers
  • Assisting national insurance companies in recovering money through subrogation claims
  • Handling premises liability claims related to alleged fire safety code violations
  • Representing clients in all other fire litigation related to propane tanks, grills, appliances, buildings, exhaust fans and much more

As part of our comprehensive strategy in these cases, our firm first interviews local fire officials and reviews their reports. After gathering all vital information, our lawyers consult with our network of experts to identify the true origin and cause of the blaze.

We are familiar with the National Fire Protection Association's guide to fire investigations, as well as the complex legal issues involved in insurance coverage disputes over fire and homeowners insurance policies. In addition, our law firm consistently invests in technology to enable us to deliver legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Taking Action

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